Monday, August 30, 2010

Xbox Live

So according to, the price for Xbox live is going to raise up in the US, UK, Canada, and Mexico.  The prices are going to be $10 for a month, $25 for 3 months, and $60 for a year.  The price will be increased on November 1st.  If you want to avoid paying more money buy your Xbox live subscriptions before November 1st.

On another note, I hate that Microsoft is charging for live and wants to increase the price.  We already pay enough money for live and they want more.  I think they are being to greedy in this.  There are some of us who can't even buy a one year live and they want to raise the price.  It's stupid because PS3 has free internet so why charge for online play.  I mean do they have a reason for this?

Here's the website.


So...Today i have nothing to talk about. Ill figure out something to talk about soon though. :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bring Me The Horizon-It Never Ends (New Song)

In this video Oli Sykes is in an ambulance being taken to the hospital and there are these vampires chasing him.  This is my opinion on this song but it looks to me that they want a piece of him.  Even after they get a piece of him they still want more and Oli just wants it to end.  It may be just how he feels with media and other people just wanting a "piece" of him.  It's an awesome song and one of my new favorites.  It's a   Different style from their album Count Your Blessings but I think it's a good change.  Anyways here's the video.  Comment please! :)

Friday, August 27, 2010